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Interviews, completed projects and updates. Read the latest news on Sea2Cradle and the ship recycling industry.

Leyal becomes IMO HKC certified

On 20 June 2016 Leyal issued a press release announcing their IMO Hong Kong Convention compliance certification by Lloyd’s Register. Sea2Cradle has assisted the yard for about 2 years in meeting the requirements for certification and herewith congratulates Leyal on its achievement.

For the full press release please click here: 2016.06.20 LEYAL IMO HKC Compliance Press Release

Putting the Maersk Endurer to rest

In December 2015 Maersk Drilling interviewed Tom Peter Blankestijn on ‘putting the Maersk Endurer to rest’. In the article it is explained why the 150-metre legs caused concern during the process of demolition. In addition Tom Peter also expresses his views on (future) recycling of oil rigs.

For the full article please click here Maersk Drilling 2015 .

Platform for growth

Sea2Cradle featured in the Shipping & Marine Magazine “Focused on the Future”. You can read about the past and present of projects Sea2Cradle handled, next to our new focus on larger offshore projects such as FPSOs, platforms and jack-up rigs.

For more information, please click on the link: Platform for growth

Project 103. Recycling of m.v. “Tristan”

In the summer of 2015, Sea2Cradle was granted another recycling project by Wallenius Shipping for the tenth time. Wallenius Shipping places great value on sustainable management of its fleet, and when the time arrived for m.v. Tristan to meet her final destination, Sea2Cradle was again chosen to assist her owner in the green recycling of their vessel.

She was taken to the recycling yard in Zhoushan, China, and Sea2Cradle managed and supervised the dismantling process from start to finish. In spite of her size, the whole process took no more than 16 weeks of which the last 4 concerned the secondary cutting and cleaning up at the yard’s site.

For more information on the project, please read on the project in Wallenius’ magazine below, or go to our Trackrecord number 103 for some more photos of the project.

TRISTAN – article Wallenius magazine

Maersk Endurer arrived in Zhoushan

104 Maersk Endurer site wm-

As announced in August, when Maersk Drilling granted Sea2Cradle the decommissioning of their Jack-up Oil Rig “Maersk Endurer”, we are now pleased to inform that on the 5th  of September the “Maersk Endurer” arrived in Zhoushan and was officially handed over to the yard. Sea2Cradle took over the responsibilities for the safe and sound recycling of the Maersk Endurer. Tom Peter Blankestijn was present and took care of all the required arrangements.

The decommissioning process will start in the next couple of weeks and is expected to take about 15 weeks to finalise.

Marine Technology students visit Zhoushan Changhong Int. Shipyard

DSC_0505 (3)

In view of Sea2Cradle’s partnership with the Delft University of Technology, we are pleased to inform that in July 2015 a group of the Marine Technology students visited the Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard as part of their three week study programme to explore the Maritime Industry in all its facets. The tour was organised by the study association S.G. “William Froude” and Sea2Cradle was happy to help out in some of the practicalities and introducing them to the yard and its facilities. We understand they had a challenging case study as well as a great time.

For more information on the report of the study tour ‘The Asian Way’, please please click here

Decommissioning of the rig “Maersk Endurer”

Maersk Endurer

Sea2Cradle has been awarded another prestigious project. Maersk Drilling has granted us the demolition of their jack-up drilling rig “Maersk Endurer”. Their main reason for choosing Sea2Cradle to carry out the inspections and supervise the full recycling process of the rig is that they “consider it to be the safest and most cost-effective approach, with the lowest environmental risks.”

The rig is meanwhile on its way to the recycling yard in China. It is expected the process will take about 15 weeks to finalise.

To read the full article, please click here.

President Xi Jinping visits Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard

President Xi Jinping at Changhong 2

On 26 May 2015 President Xi made a visit to the Zhoushan Province in order to investigate the current development and future opportunities in Zhoushan.

In that respect he visited the biggest facility in China, Changhong International, which combines shipbuilding, repair and ship recycling.

Mr. Li, owner of the two largest ship recycling yards in the world, including the one in Zhoushan that applied for EU approval for green recycling, showed the President around the yard.  Viewing the yard on the floating dock in the shipbuilding area Mr. Li was able to inform him that the ship recycling capacity in this yard amounted to 1.5 million LT (lightweight).

Next to his visit to Zhoushan Changhong International the president also visited the urban planning exhibition hall, oil reserve bases and local farmers in the province.

Interview in MVO Nederland ‘Grensverleggers’ – Schepen slopen hoeft geen smerige business te zijn

As keen participant in ‘Grensverleggers’ (Groundbreakers) Tom Peter Blankestijn was interviewed about Sea2Cradle’s core business, i.e. demolition of vessels does not need to be a dirty business. The aim of Sea2Cradle for zero pollution, zero accidents and zero incidents can only support this.

‘Grensverleggers’ is an initiative of the Dutch organization MVO Nederland that aims to inspire and connect companies to apply sustainable entrepreneurship in developing countries in order to take ownership and responsibility of their activities and consequences on people and the environment.

To read the full (Dutch) article, please click here: