Accurately delivered

Sea2Cradle is a Lloyd's Register approved Inventory of Hazardous Materials Service Supplier


Our IHM surveys and reports stand out because of their high level of accuracy. Our experienced and certified surveyors also review the specifications of the ship when intended for recycling in order to be able to better judge the specific recycling plans and value of the ship.

A proven track record

With our solid track record, we’re adept at tackling any challenges that may arise during a project. By partnering with us, you benefit from our vast experience and can rest assured that your ship recycling requirements are met in the best and most responsible way.

Track record (as of Q1 2023)

Projects Completed
Ships Recycled
Offshore Units Recycled
IHMs Developed


As a Lloyd’s Register approved IHM Service Supplier, Sea2Cradle provides inventory services for ships, FPSOs, platforms or rigs in any part of the world, at any stage of their life-cycle, with a focus on recycling.

The IHM details the presence and location of Hazardous Materials onboard, such as Asbestos, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Ozone Depleting Substances, Chrome6, Heavy Metals, PFOS, HBCDD, Mercury, Radiation, among others.

Whether it is to ensure the Health and Safety of your personnel and yard workers, or to meet legal requirements, a high-quality Inventory of Hazardous Materials is a must on all vessels.