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Your Partner in Sustainable Decommissioning

At Sea2Cradle, we specialize in organizing your ship’s recycling journey from start to finish. With our commitment to sustainability and personalized service, you are assured of a hassle-free experience and absolute compliance.

Responsible Ship Recycling: Our Approach

We assist you in finding the most responsible solution for recycling your ship. Next, we ensure that this solution is executed in an effective, safe, and environmentally sound manner. From the initial planning stages up until the last piece of steel is remelted into its new life and all waste is properly treated, we’re committed to handling your ship’s end-of-life journey with care. We aim for maximum recycling efficiency, zero pollution, zero incidents, and zero accidents.

A proven track record

With our solid track record, we’re adept at tackling any challenges that may arise during a project. By partnering with us, you benefit from our vast experience and can rest assured that your ship recycling requirements are met in the best and most responsible way.

Track record (as of Q1 2023)

Projects Completed
Ships Recycled
Offshore Units Recycled
IHMs Developed
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Our Comprehensive Ship Recycling Services

Wondering how we can support you? We can manage the entire recycling process or assist your team during specific project stages. Explore our range of services below to see how we can meet your needs.

1. Pre-planning & Inspection

We start by creating a solid ship recycling strategy tailored to your vessel. Our team performs a detailed Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) on board your ship, ensuring that all potentially harmful substances are identified and managed appropriately. Next, we take great care in selecting recycling facilities that are well-equipped to handle the task and adhere to international regulations and your requirements. We prepare and send out requests for information, review and evaluate the information received, and create a shortlist of suitable facilities, supported by yard audits if required.

2. Brokerage & Contracting

Navigating the legal and commercial aspects of ship recycling can be challenging. Our experts are specialized in obtaining beneficial recycling offers and negotiating favorable terms of sale. We carefully craft sales contracts that protect your interests while meeting your desired environmental standards.

3. Planning, Preparation & Delivery

Effective planning is key to successful ship recycling. We either develop or review a Ship Recycling Plan (SRP) that outlines every step of the process, ensuring full compliance and safety. Our team also manages the necessary waste movement notifications in accordance with the Basel convention and applicable EU regulations. Next, we assist you in preparing your vessel for its final journey to the recycling facility.

4. Recycling & Waste Management

As your partner, we oversee the recycling and waste management activities from start to finish. Acting as your representative on-site, we ensure that the recycling process is conducted according to the SRP and in compliance with all environmental and safety standards. We keep you informed of the progress through weekly updates, and upon completion, you receive a comprehensive report outlining every detail of the process.


The MS Fugro Adventurer

Built in 2002 as the Adams Surveyor at the Guangdong New China Shipyard, the MS Fugro Adventurer was an offshore survey vessel owned and operated by Geo-data specialist Fugro. After almost 20 years of service, Fugro decided to retire the vessel and hired Sea2Cradle to assist in having the ship recycled responsibly.
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Our Commitment to Sustainable Ship Recycling

Choosing Sea2Cradle for your ship recycling needs means partnering with a leader in sustainable maritime practices. Together, we can ensure that the end of your ship’s journey contributes positively to our planet. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can assist you in making sustainable decisions for your fleet’s future.

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