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Interviews, completed projects and updates. Read the latest news on Sea2Cradle and the ship recycling industry.

Decommissioning of the “Samskip Frost”

Sea2Cradle is pleased to announce that Samskip has trusted us to facilitate the green recycling of their 35-year-old vessel Samskip Frost. The by the EU approved recycling yard “Green Yard” in Norway has been chosen as the best yard for this project. The vessel is scheduled to arrive at the yard in week 4 of this year. Sea2Cradle will monitor the dismantling process, in close co-operation with Samskip.

Please click here for the news article by Samskip.

Sea2Cradle participated at Salvage & Wreck Conference on Waste Management

On the 4th of December 2019, Sea2Cradle’s Director, Wouter Rozenveld, participated in a discussion panel at the Salvage & Wreck Conference in London. This session concerned “Ship Recycling, Waste Disposal and Removal: Complying with Rules on Hazardous Waste.” Waste management aspects were discussed related to a vessel that had caught fire during cargo operations and had to be recycled.

Over the years Sea2Cradle has gained experience with the recycling of a number of vessels in similar circumstances and Wouter contributed by sharing his experience with the audience. In particular the complexity of compliance with new regulations of the Basel Convention was discussed, followed by a discussion about the interpretation and application of those rules to salvage cases.

In Memoriam – Tom Peter Blankestijn

On 12th of August 2019 our Managing Director, friend and colleague, Tom Peter Blankestijn, suddenly passed away at the early age of 58. It goes without saying we shall miss him dearly and our heartfelt condolences are with his wife, daughter, family and friends. Tom Peter was a great man and a loving, caring and generous person with a great sense of humour and a sharp mind.

We shall cherish our memories and will continue the business as well as the principles on sustainable ship recycling that were so dear to his heart.

Mega Box Ship Bulletin – Transboundary Movement of Waste

In recent years, Sea2Cradle has also provided consultancy and recycling-supervision services in a number of special projects where vessels had to be salvaged. This was done in close co-operation with the respective ship owners and insurance companies.

In that respect, the Standard Club in London requested us to participate in their special edition on Mega Box Ships with an article on Transboundary Movement of Waste and all its complications. This bulletin covers all aspects of containership fires in relation to P&I coverage, salvage response, hazardous waste disposal, legal implications etcetera.

Have a look at the bulletin and click on the link: 2019.07.19 Standard-Club – Mega box ship bulletin (S2C featured)

The article on Transboundary Movement of Waste is on page 27.

Sea2Cradle renewed certification as Approved Service Supplier (IHMs) for Lloyd’s Register

As per 19 June 2019, Sea2Cradle was again approved by Lloyd’s Register as Service Supplier for Inventories of Hazardous Materials for both existing vessels and vessels that are to be recycled.   2019 Sea2Cradle – Approval of Service Suppliers (LR) 

The certification includes “visual/sampling checks and testing for hazardous materials such as asbestos, PCBs, TBTs, CFCs and PFOS on board ships, as well as providing advice on numbers and locations of samples, preparation of reports on the quantities, locations and estimates of these materials.”

The Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is one of the main requirements of both the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR).

What does this mean for Ship Owners?

It means that it will be mandatory to have a verified IHM with a Statement of Compliance on board for:

  • EU-flagged new buildings since 31.12.2018;
  • EU-flagged existing vessels latest as per 31.12.2020;
  • Ships that are to be recycled since 19.12.2016; and
  • Non-EU flagged vessels calling at EU ports latest as per 31.12.2020.

The whole set-up of the EU SRR, which also regulates the recycling of vessels, is to direct ships to recycling facilities that practice safe and environmentally sound methods of dismantling vessels, instead of using sites that practice beaching methods by which the environment as well as the workers are not or ill protected.

Sea2Cradle has already conducted numerous IHM project on existing and recycling vessels, which were performed by our qualified Approved HazMat Experts that operate globally on all types of vessels or platforms. If you need an IHM or require more information, please contact us directly or send an e-mail to

Sea2Cradle featured in Recycling International

In March/April 2019 Sea2Cradle was featured in the magazine of Recycling International. The article that mentions the beaching practices and all related issues that derive from that, enabled Tom Peter Blankestijn to comment on the present and future situation of recycling vessels in China and Sea2Cradle’s ambition to stay focused on sustainable ship recycling.

For reading the entire article, please click here:

2019 Recycling Int – why dismantle on the beaches

Interview “Maritime Holland” – Responsible Ship Recycling

Maritime Holland has published an article on “The business of responsible ship breaking” in which Sea2Cradle amongst others was featured. Tom Peter Blankestijn elaborated on the process of producing a responsible ship recycling plan, as well as on the investigation and monitoring of the hazardous materials on board a ship, concluding: “There is thus still a lot of potential to improve ship recycling practices.”

For reading the entire article, please click here:  2019.01 – Mar. Holland – Responsible Ship Recycling

Sea2Cradle is now ISO 9001:2015 certified

Sea2Cradle is pleased to announce that we were approved for ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register and as per UKAS qualifications on 23 August 2018. We trust this will further ensure our customers of our efforts to continue and improve the quality of our services at an on-going basis.

To view the certificate, please click here: SEA2CRADLE – ISO 9001 2015 Certification

Social gathering at Frank Fox’s retirement dinner

On Saturday 21st April 2018 Frank Fox celebrated his official retirement by giving a dinner party in London for friends and family.

We are happy for Frank and his family that he can spend some more time at home and we thank him for his services over the years. Fortunately Frank has agreed to continue his services for Sea2Cradle so it does not mean we will lose sight of each other! Happy retirement Frank!