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Bert van Grieken

Commercial Director

T: +31 6 1586 4875
Only a small part of the world’s end-of-life fleet gets recycled in a safe and environmentally sound way. We have been able to show that recycling can be done responsibly, with respect for the environment and for the people doing the actual work. Our standards are far from common, but increasing pressure from shareholders, financial institutions and the public opinion, coupled with stricter legislation and enforcement, will lead to more ship owners choosing to do the right thing. I am happy to work at the forefront of these developments and look forward to continue contributing to the much needed improvements in this industry!
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Taco Moll

Operational Director

T: +31 6 5747 6185
From the outset, Sea2Cradle has been, and will be, developing and improving the standards of safe and environmentally friendly recycling of marine assets. I am proud to be a part of this, and look forward to working with responsible owners, recycling facility personnel and other stakeholders in this exciting industry. But most of all I am proud of our team, and the work they do!