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Our mission

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“We are on a mission to transform the maritime recycling industry into a truly safe and sustainable sector, with due respect for people and our planet.”
Sea2Cradle is a consultancy founded on the principles of fair trade, respect for human rights, health and safety and environmental protection. In all our business activities, these ethics prevail above all others.

We apply proven health, safety and environmental standards from the offshore sector to all recycling projects, striving for zero pollution, zero incidents and zero accidents.
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Our approach to maritime recycling and our high standards are not the global norm. Unfortunately, many ships are sold to the highest bidder and end up on Asian beaches, where they are scrapped at sites not designed for industrial operations and with little care or respect for people and the environment.

These unsafe and unhealthy working conditions pollute the environment, cause frequent and severe accidents and cost lives.

How we work

Sea2Cradle acts as intermediary and/or broker on behalf of ship owners and oil and gas companies. We ensure their vessels and rigs are recycled in an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner. This starts with good planning and an accurate inventory of hazardous materials. More about us
During supervision at the recycling and waste treatment facilities, Sea2Cradle superintendents see to it that work is carried out safely, striving for zero pollution, zero incidents and zero accidents. We also advise governments, perform market research and assist recycling facilities in improving their operations.


We ensure that the entire recycling process of your ship or maritime structure meets the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment.

About our legacy

Sea2Cradle originated from the ship recycling department of the A.P. Moller-Maersk group.

More about us
After serving on ships for 30 years, it is great to apply my knowledge and experience to help improving the way end-of-life ships are recycled.
Capt. Roel Ballieux
Superintendent Sea2Cradle


Carnival Sensation: Navigating Toward Sustainable Horizons

In 2022, the Carnival Sensation, a 70,367 GT cruise ship stretching some 855 feet in length, was ready for its well-deserved retirement. After more than thirty years of faithful service, the time had come to give the vessel a sustainable send-off. The owner of the ship, Carnival Corporation enlisted Sea2Cradle to organize this mission. Tom Strang, Senior Vice President of Maritime Affairs at Carnival, is keen to share the story of this project. “Working with Sea2Cradle has been a pleasure.”
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