In 2022, the Carnival Sensation, a 70,367 GT cruise ship stretching some 855 feet in length, was ready for its well-deserved retirement. After more than thirty years of faithful service, the time had come to give the vessel a sustainable send-off. The owner of the ship, Carnival Corporation enlisted Sea2Cradle to organize this mission. Tom Strang, Senior Vice President of Maritime Affairs at Carnival, is keen to share the story of this project. “Working with Sea2Cradle has been a pleasure.”

The Decision to Recycle

“During the COVID pandemic, we faced difficult choices regarding our fleet,” Mr. Strang recalls. “The Carnival Sensation was one of our oldest and less energy-efficient ships. As a result, we decided it was the right time to set it up for recycling, along with some other vessels. Realizing that this was something new for us, we needed help, and our search for a fitting partner led us to Sea2Cradle. They were highly recommended by an environmental NGO we were working with at the time. My research confirmed their solid reputation in both the shipping and recycling communities.”


“Sea2Cradle’s initial role was to oversee the recycling activities at the shipyard on our behalf, but as our plans developed, so did their involvement. They assisted us in crafting the recycling contract, providing valuable input on the language used. In addition, they were instrumental in updating the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). The recycling decision was made very quickly, and Sea2Cradle helped us obtain the right IHM certification in a similar rapid manner.”

Selecting a Sustainable Yard

Choosing the right recycling facility was an important decision in terms of sustainability, Mr. Strang explains. “We weren’t obligated to choose a sustainable yard, but it was the right thing to do. Sustainability is core to our business. For us, selecting a yard known for responsible material handling was crucial. We opted for an EU-certified yard in Izmir, Turkey. Sea2Cradle meticulously inspected their standards to ensure compliance with the Hong Kong and Basel Conventions.”

CS progress

Continuous Oversight

“Sea2Cradle’s specially trained inspectors continue to oversee the deconstruction process on-site, providing us with detailed weekly reports. For us, this continuous supervision is an essential part of the collaboration. It was never our intention to simply hand over the ship; instead, we felt that we had the responsibility to ensure that the recycling process was carried out properly, from start to finish. Sea2Cradle is helping us to make that happen.”

A Positive Partnership

“Despite some personnel changes at Sea2Cradle over the years, our collaboration has always been a positive experience. They have been helpful in all stages of the deconstruction process: from the contract and IHM to the final delivery of the ship to the yard. Their professionalism is what I consider the greatest asset of our partnership. They kept us updated frequently and proactively addressed potential issues. All in all, working with Sea2Cradle has been a pleasure. Their competitive and quality service makes them a top consideration for future projects.”

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