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The Samskip Frost was a reefer vessel constructed in 1985 in Rissa, Norway. After 35 years of service, the vessel was deemed ready for retirement.


Head of Vessel Management at Samskip, Erik Hofmeester, hired Sea2Cradle to have the vessel recycled responsibly, stating:

“We are always preoccupied to limit the impact our vessels have on the environment from the moment they become part of our fleet until the end.”
Erik Hofmeester
Head of Vessel Management at Samskip


Sea2Cradle selected the EU approved Green Yard AS recycling facility in Norway to dismantle and recycle the Samskip Frost in an environmentally friendly way that complied with national and international agreements and regulations. An Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) was developed and a Ship Recycling Plan was reviewed by Sea2Cradle’s experts, a fundamental requirement of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) and Hong Kong Convention (HKC). Demolition of the vessel was completed in a covered dry dock and all recycling and waste management was supervised on-site by the Sea2Cradle Team. Sea2Cradle was successful in ensuring zero pollution, zero incidents and zero accidents throughout the dismantling and recycling process of the Samskip Frost.